Terms and Conditions Club Sponsorship

Register here with your children’s or youth teams in order to participate in the prize draw. Registration is possible until 30.04.2019. If there are more than 30 registrations there will be a draw for the winners. Only one application per club will be taken into account. Multiple applications are not permitted. Only children’s and youth teams are eligible to participate in the draw (bambini to Under-19). Prizes cannot be paid out in the form of cash. Legal proceedings are excluded. The winners will be personally notified and named in the customer magazine and on the website of HANSA-FLEX AG.


Participants in the prize game must provide their email address and accept the terms of participation (required fields are marked with an *). The participant in the prize game is the person whose email address is provided in the registration. Persons who register to participate in the prize game give their consent to the possible publication of their photo and name (possibly indicating their location but in no case their address) in all HANSA-FLEX AG publications (e.g. this or other websites or magazines published by HANSA-FLEX AG) or publications initiated by the company (e.g. newspapers, radio, TV, Website and Facebook).

Terms of participation

Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Exclusion of Participants

Only one application will be accepted per participant or participating club. Anyone submitting multiple applications or fraudulent information in the registration of an individual or club may be excluded from the prize game and in particular from the award of prizes. Employees of HANSA-FLEX AG and their dependants are not eligible for participation.

Exclusion of liability

HANSA-FLEX accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage arising from participation in the prize game or the non-availability of the Internet server, unless the damage is caused by gross negligence or wilful wrongdoing for which HANSA-FLEX is responsible.


The winner will be selected by drawing lots and then notified by email. The winner must claim the prize within 21 days from the notification, otherwise the claim to the prize will be forfeited. Participants are responsible for providing the correct email address. The announcement relating to winners will be subject to confirmation.


The prizes will consist of sets of kit consisting of shirts, shorts and socks (for other types of sport the usual competition strip is permissible), featuring the HANSA-FLEX AG logo in German or English. The colour combinations of the strips and the logo will be specified by HANSA-FLEX. For the purchase of sports kit 1,000.- EUR incl. 19% VAT will be made available.

Purchasing procedure

A service provider specified by HANSA-FLEX and named in the notification sent to the winners will supply the prizes. Use of this service provider is mandatory. The purchase of goods from a different supplier and subsequent submission of the invoice to HANSA-FLEX is not permitted. If the goods ordered exceed the amount of 1,000.- EUR (incl. VAT), the club will receive a separate invoice for the excess amount. Any payment of such excess amounts is excluded. The purchase of the kit must be completed by or on 30.09.2019 at the latest. Any enquiries reaching the service provider or HANSA-FLEX from 01.10.2019 will not be considered.


If individual provisions of these terms of participation are or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. HANSA-FLEX AG reserves the right to suspend or cancel the prize game if difficulties arise which put the integrity of the prize game at risk.

Exclusion of Legal Action

The draw for the winners will be implemented to the exclusion of legal proceedings. It will not be possible for the prizes to be provided in the form of cash.

Terms and Conditions anniversary jersey auction

Conditions of participation

Bid via the auction platform ebay on the auction linked to dein-neues-trikot.de/jubilaeumstrikot. The auction period is to be taken from the information within the auction. A cash payment of the auction item is not possible. Legal recourse is excluded. The highest bidder will be contacted personally and shown and named in the customer magazine and on the Internet pages of HANSA-FLEX AG and other publications initiated by it.


The participation in the auction requires an ebay account, with which you can officially bid on the auction. The bidder is the person who uses the account with his/her e-mail address. Participation in the auction includes the agreement that a picture with the item to be auctioned and the name (if applicable with location, but under no circumstances the address) can be published in all HANSA-FLEX AG publications (e.g. this or other HANSA-FLEX AG Internet pages or magazines) or publications initiated by HANSA-FLEX AG (e.g. newspapers, radio, TV, website and Facebook).



Eligible are persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation.



HANSA-FLEX shall not be liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from participation in the auction or the inaccessibility of the Internet server, unless the damages are due to gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of HANSA-FLEX.


The highest bidder is determined among the bidders by the auction procedure customary on ebay. The bidder is responsible for the correctness of the given data and the account. The announcement of the highest bidder takes place without guarantee.

Description of the auction object

The SV WERDER JUBILÄUMSTRIKOT (anniversary jersey) including certificate of authenticity with the original flocking and signature by Claudio Pizarro as shown and described will be auctioned.

Handling of the auction/payment

The auction will be handled by ebay. Payment will be made via the method specified by the auctioneer: bank transfer. The auction has no connection to ebay and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by ebay beyond the free use of the platform.

Delivery of the auction item

As the proceeds of the auctioned object will go to a good cause, the handover will take place in person. Representatives of HANSA-FLEX will meet with the highest bidder at a jointly agreed handover date, during which photos will be taken for the above-mentioned marketing purposes. The first contact is made via the ebay account of the highest bidder.


Purpose and proceeds

The proceeds of the auction will go to the Werder program SPIELRAUM.


Should individual provisions of these conditions of participation be or become invalid, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining conditions of participation. HANSA-FLEX AG reserves the right to suspend the auction completely or temporarily if difficulties arise which endanger the integrity of the auction.